Georgios Koskotas

Georgios Koskotas, was president of the Bank of Crete and Olympiacos F.C. , he was  accused of embezzling 32 billion drachmas from the Bank of Crete. During  the trial,  which was held in the Prisons for Women of Korydallos and lasted almost two years, the  exonerating  fact of sincere remorse was recognized  and he  was   sentenced to  25 years imprisonment  avoiding life imprisonment  already  since the first Instance court.

Alket Rizai – Sula Mitropia

The most famous prisoner both in Greece and Albania who escaped twice by helicopter together with Vassilis Palaiokostas from Korydallos Prison, was convicted to 25 years imprisonment for a series  of criminal offenses related to these escapes   For exactly the same actions (grab, disruption of transport safety, hijacking an aircraft, possession of explosives, criminal organization, etc.), his girlfriend Sula Mitropia received prison sentence  prison and released in a shortperiod of  time.

Alexis Frangos

Alexis Frankos was accused of murdering   two people and of the attempted murder of one, who he held responsible for his brother´s murder. The case was heard  before the Joint Judges and Jury Court (Aegio, 2014) and as an exonerating fact the inappropriate behavior of the victims was recognized, thus life imprisonment was commuted to 25 years imprisonment, already since the first instance court.

Anastasios Berdesis

The famous boxer of the National and Olympic Team Tassos Berdesis was accused of attempted murder (Patras, 2007). The accusation was heard before the Joint Judges and Jury Court of Messologgi and he was  acquitted unanimously. Subsequently he was accused of concealing a criminal, and he was also acquitted unanimously by the Three-Member Misdemeanors Court of Athens.